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Product Designer
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University Project


This project is one of my more recent works. Although I haven’t finished putting the portfolio for this piece together, I would be more than happy to explain it in person.

In this project, we were tasked to create a digital product that  

enabled Australian citizens to access day-to-day healthcare

during a pandemic/lockdown situation. 

We were strongly recommended to  

consider systems that could be adapted and used even after pandemic life.

Demonstration video


Some Images of the finalised product.

I built this prototype myself, and conducted think-aloud and SUS testing on the prototype with the rest of my team.

View the prototype here.

Documents Page

Onboarding Page

Dashboard - Month View

Dashboard - Year View

Your Health Team

Data Page- Year View

Background Research

This section is still being revised. However, the following slides summaries the problem space we discovered and our proposed solution.


I developed the flow diagram and final features list for the app. These were used to ensure continuity and best user flow within the app.


I also created wireframes for early concept testing with a user group of 8 participants that closely matched our identified user groups.