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I only found the world of UX and product development pretty recently, but since then I've been running at it
I am a UX designer coming from a
strong background of visual communication, aesthetic refinement and storytelling
from my training as an animator and a working artist.
I have worked with various start-ups in environments where it is crucial to be able to effectively communicate concepts to developers, marketers and management. As well as the ability to work independentently,
making agile decisions for product growth.
I am currently completing my
Masters in Interaction Design at the University of Sydney.
Throughout this experience, I have been lucky to work closely with notable names like Fjord and Lake Macquarie City Council.  I am currently
completing my thesis in partnership with the company Pixii,
through which I am performing in depth user studies to strengthen their product market fit.
I have also been involved in organising
USYD MIDEA Mentorship Program.
In which I have organised industry nights, as well as mentored new students.